Departure of the repairman of phones, tablets

How to call the master SERVICE CENTER AY-YAY-YAY?

Dear customers who are outside of Kiev have the opportunity to send us their faulty device from any town in Ukraine, where the branch of the courier service delivery “Novaya Pochta” is located.

  • Fill in and send the application form, after which the manager will contact you to clarify the data for sending and repair details. Also for registration of the application you can call on one of numbers:
    (044) 338 89 03; (097) 831 63 33; (093) 007 63 33; (095) 491 63 33
  • Next, you need to send the device, packed accordingly, marked “Fragile cargo”. Report the number of the Transport consignment note
  • Depending on the fault, diagnostics is carried out, and the cost and time of repair are agreed upon. Then the repair is carried out.
    The manager will notify you of readiness, confirm the data for sending back and inform you of the number of the Transport consignment note
  • Payment is made by transfer to a bank card after notification of the readiness of the device or cash on delivery upon receipt.

    Fill in the fields below and our operator will contact you with you for 2 minutes

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    Quality repair of phones with departure of the master to the house

    Repair of telephones with departure of the master of the Ai-Yai-Yai service center to the address of the customer is carried out by our experts at any time convenient for the client according to an operating mode of service. After making an application on the site, managers contact the client and clarify the details of the breakdown. When leaving, the master has information about the alleged breakdown, model and brand of the phone. If it is possible to replace non-working components on the go, then the Ai-Yai-Yai service specialist performs such an operation right at the customer’s home. If on departure it turns out that the breakdown is something else, the specialist advises the client on the possibility, duration and cost of repairs and takes the gadget with him.

    It is important to understand that to carry out high-quality phone repair at home it is not always possible, because in the service “Ai-Yai-Yai »Dimensional professional equipment is used for disassembly and repair of telephones. However, with a small problem with the gadget, home service in Kiev is quite effective.

    For residents of the regions of Ukraine, the service of the master’s departure to the house is not possible, but in our service center carry out remote repair of phones that are delivered to us by means of services of New Mail. If there is a branch of this carrier nearby, the client from any area does not need to look for good service – it is enough to simply send the gadget, having previously left the application for repair on the Ai-Yai-Yai website.

    Repair iPhone home wizard in case of problems with Apple phones

    Users of expensive iPhones also sometimes want the repair shop to come to their home or work, because they do not have time to go to the service or are afraid that their original components will be replaced by Chinese. The service center “Ai-Yai-Yai” makes out-of-town repairs of iPhone departure of the master to the house in the event that at consultation by phone service managers assume a possibility of elimination of problems in such mode. Expensive Apple equipment will not tolerate unprofessional handling, so it is better to repair it on professional equipment in our office. However, the master can go to the customer’s house to presumably determine the cause of the breakdown and orient by the cost and duration of future repairs.

    How do I call a phone repair wizard from the service center?

    In order to call a home phone repair technician, you can leave a request on the Ai-Yai-Yai website or call the phone numbers listed on the website. Managers will promptly process the request, find out from the client the make and model of the phone, the essence of the fault and stipulate the time and place where the master will come to the city of Kiev.

    In addition to the services of calling a master at home, the service center “Ai-Yai-Yai” offers a service of calling a courier, who can pick up faulty equipment anywhere in Kiev and deliver it to our office, and return it after repair.

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