Warranty talon

    Warranty conditions

    • The warranty card is valid for activation only for two days after the completion of the repair. Data on the device model, IMEI, the date of the repair performed and the type of the fixed breakdown are already contained in our database at the time of activation of the coupon.
    • After filling out the form and pressing the “Activate Warranty” button, a letter with information about the device and the start date of the warranty is sent to our corporate mailbox, as well as to the mailbox specified by the client.
    • The warranty card can only be activated within two days after the repair. The date of activation of the coupon will be the start date of the warranty term.
    • Warranty for all services from one to three months. The manager will certainly notify you about the duration of the warranty period for the repair of the device.
    • The warranty does not apply to devices exposed to moisture, as well as to devices with severe body deformation due to a strong fall or physical impact.

    Dear customer!

    If you have a disputable situation regarding the operation of a gadget, refurbished in any of our branches, a huge request: contact us through this form in order to quickly eliminate any kind of difficulties caused by our service. Remember: we comply with our warranty obligations, and just like you, we are interested in a successful solution of the issue that has arisen. Our company values its customers and is responsible for the services provided!

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