Happy Hours

скидка на ремонт телефонов киев


1. fill out the discount activation form for website;
2. visit our service from 10:30 to 11:30 daily;
3. the promotion is valid by the phone number indicated when filling out the application for a discount.
The promotion is valid until: not limited


3047 people took advantage of the discount
* the duration of repairs under the Happy Hour promotion is doubled.
* before the visit, you must leave an online application on the website, after which our manager will call you back for confirmation.
* the promotion applies only to users who have filled out the application form for a discount.
* for services marked “Promotion until the end of the week” for all participants of the “Happy Hours” promotion, there is an additional 5% discount from the cost specified in the price list.

How to repair phones under the Happy Hours promotion in the Ai-Yai-Yai service center

“ Ay-Yai-Yai “on an ongoing basis. Most of the equipment repair services in Ukraine do not use loyalty programs for customers in their work. This type of service is rather difficult to calculate in advance, because the exchange rate of the dollar and euro is constantly growing and the purchase of wholesale volumes of spare parts for expensive equipment requires large investments. Very often, service centers may have significantly different prices for the same repair work in the same time period, because when ordering components directly for the client, you have to not only wait for them for a long time, but also pay for them the retail price, which may vary.

In order for equipment repair not to become a big problem, the specialists of the Ai-Yai-Yai service center apply maximum effort. We always have a full range of spare parts even for the most expensive brands of equipment in stock, as well as a large staff of engineers in our service, so repairs are carried out immediately after contacting. At the same time, the company’s management is constantly introducing various promotions for all categories of customers. The “Happy Hours” promotion from “Ai-Yai-Yai” is valid on an ongoing basis and everyone who applies can take advantage of it.

Permanent promotion “Happy Hours” for the repair of equipment of any kind

The essence of any loyalty program boils down to increasing the customer’s benefit when contacting the company. The Happy Hours promotion for equipment repair implies a -10% discount on any repair services if the client visits the Ai-Yai-Yai service center on any day from 10.30 to 11.30. This promotion covers absolutely any equipment, the repair of which is carried out in the services of “Ai-Yai-Yai”, and all categories of citizens. Before you take the broken equipment to the service, it is important to carefully read the terms of this promotion on the Ay-Yai-Yai website. It is indicated here that when devices are handed over for repair during the promotion hours, the time for repair work is doubled. This must be taken into account if the technical device must be repaired very urgently.

How to get a discount on equipment repairs at Ai-Yai-Yai?

In order to find out how to get a discount on the repair of equipment in the network of service centers “Ai-Yai-Yai”, you can go to the appropriate section of the company’s website, which is called “Promotions and Discounts”, and there already select the item of interest.

The procedure for obtaining a Happy Hours discount is very simple. First, the client must activate the discount by filling out the appropriate form on the Ai-Yai-Yai website and specifying in it a valid phone number, which is the key to receiving the discount, after which he can go to the offices of the service center any day from 10.30 to 11.30.

An additional discount for the repair of any equipment can be obtained if the services needed by the client fall into the category of those that are covered by a regular discount – “Promotion until the end of the week”. In this case, in addition to a -10% discount, the client receives an additional 5% discount on his order.

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